Apply for a Microsoft Azure for Research Award

We’re offering special calls for proposals from university and non-profit research labs.

Apply for a Microsoft Azure for Research award

Microsoft Research is soliciting proposals for the use of Microsoft Azure for some specific research areas. We are interested in individual investigator projects as well as projects that will support access to services and data of value to a collaboration or community. Winning proposals will be awarded allocations of Microsoft Azure storage and compute resources for a period of one year. The size of the allocations will be suitable for exploring how cloud computing can be leveraged for substantial research projects.

Qualified applicants must be affiliated with a university or non-profit research organization. Your proposal should be in English and less than three pages in length. It should include resource requirement estimates (number of core, storage requirements, and so forth) for your project.

To read about current RFPs and submission deadlines, please visit Award Program. For more information, questions, or to make changes to your submitted proposal, please send email to

The information you provide will be used to verify eligibility and to improve and personalize your relationship with Microsoft Research. Microsoft may contact you as part of the verification process. Microsoft respects your privacy. To learn more, please read our Privacy Statement.

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